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Washington Maritime Federation

The Washington Maritime Federation is an association of associations, comprised of maritime organizations and business organizations who have come together to support the industry. The maritime industry is diverse with subsectors in shipbuilding, fishing, water transportation, logistics and shipping and more. There are good organizations supporting these subsectors but no overarching entity supporting the industry as a whole. This new association of associations also includes general business organizations such as chambers and economic development councils.

Download the 2022 Maritime Economic Impact Study

economic report



Maritime Policy Focus

The WA Maritime Federation advocates for the maritime industry and seeks sustainable economic development opportunities for our community.

  • Washington State Ferries Construction and Repowering
  • Washington Maritime Jobs
  • Sustainable Fisheries
  • Economic Development
  • Clean Technology
  • Port Competitiveness
  • Environmental Responsibility

Maintain and Preserve Washington's maritime, manufacturing, and industrial lands

WA Maritime Federation is committed to:

  • Enhancing port competitiveness.
  • Minimize shipping and freight movement costs.
  • Improving infrastructure for shippers using Washington ports.
Trade boat at the port of Miami

Maritime Workforce Development, Education, and Training

WA Maritime Federation Supports:

  • The recommendations and funding proposals for Career Connect Washington.
  • Funding for industry training, such as the Job Skills Program (JSP) Grant.
  • Domestic Maritime Centers of Excellence, Core Plus & Youth Maritime Collaborative, Registered Apprenticeships